Green Building

Sustainability is the capacity to endure.

I am an advocate of sustainable building – building homes that meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.   Most of my clients come to me expressing a desire to build green, energy-efficiently, or sustainably.  To better serve my customers, as well as become a better steward of my profession, I chose to complete the intensive six month training to become a Sustainable Homes Professional, or SHP, certified by the Earth Advantage Institute.  As a Sustainable Homes professional I have learned to pay rigorous attention to the entire process of building, seeking to optimize the social, environmental, and economic benefits of home construction.

I have learned that building sustainably is much more than installing countertops with recycled content, and installing florescent light bulbs.  Indeed, sustainable building should address every step of the building process, from site planning to materials selection, and from energy-conserving insulation strategies to managing indoor air quality.

As a SHP, I better understand the science of home construction, and am able to provide valuable feedback to my customers about topics as diverse as the movement of water vapor through a membrane, and the proper overhang on a south-facing window.  I am also knowledgeable about materials selection – which products are truly sustainable, and which have been green-washed, or just made to appear green.

When discussing new home construction, sustainability is all well and good, but the bottom line is still livability.  First and foremost a new home or remodel must satisfy the needs and requirements of the homeowner.  My goal is to provide both: livability and sustainability!