New Construction

Building a new home is one of life’s greatest challenges.  On one hand, building a new home provides the opportunity to create a special place, unlike any other, for you and your family to gather and prosper.  On the other hand, building a new home requires time, effort, and quite often, a lot of hard work. I understand the difficult sacrifices involved, and I also understand the rewards that are obtainable.   I have been helping people through this process for almost 30 years, and judging by my satisfied customers, I have been quite successful.

Contact me, and I will be pleased to sit down with you at no obligation to discuss your building plans.  I have collaborated with many architects and designers, material suppliers, subcontractors, businesses, and individuals to create almost 100 custom homes in Central Oregon since 1978.  I have the knowledge and experience to intelligently discuss your project. 

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