Home Remodeling

Many of my customers come to me wanting to make changes to their existing home.  Because you may have lived in your home for a while, you probably have an excellent feel for what might make your home better fit your lifestyle. Remodeling usually makes good economic sense – it can be far less expensive than building a new home because most of the more cost-intensive work has already been done.  There are many other valid reasons for remodeling the home you are living in, and just as many reasons why remodeling your home can be fun and exciting!

New this year, having just completed the Earth Advantage Institute Sustainable Homes Professional Program, I am excited to be able to offer deep energy retrofits.  A deep energy retrofit involves conducting a survey of an existing home to determine its energy performance, and then exploring ways in which that energy performance might be improved, sometimes quite dramatically. Often, upgrades to the exterior walls of the home are the most cost-effective method of improving energy performance.  With new advances in foam insulation, sometimes that work can be done from the exterior of the home, with very little disruption to the interior.

Often the first question I am asked when considering a remodel is, “can it be done?”  I would be happy to help provide an answer to that question and others.  In addition, I can help put you in contact with Architects and Designers who are skilled at remodeling and would also be able to answer your questions.  Contact me to arrange for a free site visit – you might be surprised how easy remodeling can be!